Studio 168 was founded in 2017 by the group of professionals with more than 12 years of experience in architecture, interior design, import, and brand management. We offer a full range of architectural and interior design services from conceptualization through construction, including ordering and delivering high quality materials. We specialize in commercial, residential and hospitality projects.
Our company is based on three core principles:

• We listen to you;
• We strive to understand your desires;
• We provide you with the best solution to fulfill your needs.

We listen because we respect your desires;
We strive to understand you because you are important for us;
We advise you because we are confident in our knowledge.

Our primary goal is to provide you with superb, comfortable, and high-quality services. Studio 168 reaches its excellence by creating an architecture that can inspire, and develop a design that can impress. Our experienced staff is determined to assist you in both: selecting the best materials and equipment for your project, and ordering them from leading manufacturers from around the world.фильмы бесплатно Сначала зайдите на смотреть фильмы, а потом обязательно зайдите сюда это стоит того